One thing my grandfather lived for each morning – his fresh squeezed tomato juice. I could never get past the taste to take in more than two sips, but he relished every last drop.

So, after a negative experience with his tomatoes and homemade blends, why was I in search of juicing information? I recently read about the health benefits associated with fresh pressed juice. Below are jut a few of the many reasons I hopped on the colorful bandwagon!

  • Many juices serve as a natural detoxifier for your body and provide necessary rest to our bodies (that work hard for us everyday!)
  • Pressed juice offers a power packed dose of vitamins and anti-oxidants your system loses in roasted vegetables and overly seasoned restaurant food.
  • Lots of the vegetables and fruit I enjoy (think kale/apple/beets/spinach) afford the body a break from inflammation. Think of them as a natural version of pain relievers!




Upon completing a one day cleanse last year, I knew I wanted to invest in a multi-day cleanse to really get the most benefits from the juices.  After researching different options, I chose a substantial veggie based option from a company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. Blue Barn Juice creates the most extraordinary blends (that happen to be delicious) right here in the Carolinas. The cleanses come in one of three “levels” and can be formulated for a one, three, or five day cleanse. For this round of veggie and fruit love, I chose a three day cleanse at level three (the most “advanced” level). I opted for more veggie blends to support sugar balance, as hypoglycemia is part of my daily life and important to watch. So…the results? Well for that, my friend – you have to come back next week!

For now, look! I’m ALIVE! This meat eating, carb loving, cheese grabbing gal is thriving on juices…one day at a time.




Happy Wednesday,


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