The temperature here in North Carolina has already started to drop.  So it’s the time to start pulling out the winter coats, or considering investing in a new one. A jacket can instantly make a statement or simply make an outfit look polished.

Here are a few tips this year if you are looking for a jacket. First ask yourself, are you looking to invest in a classic piece that will go with just about anything, or a more trendy fashion piece that’ll  make a bolder statement?

If you looking for a classic piece, then I would recommend you pay close attention to the quality of the jacket.  Stitching. Lining. Fabric. You’ll want something that will withstand daily wear, and will look good for for several seasons. I would also keep the cut simple, with minimum accessorized details, like fancy togs or patterned leather. When it comes to colors stay with a neutral color, such as black, dark brown, dark navy, or beige/camel. These colors will work well with most everything in your wardrobe.

If you are looking into making a trendier statement this season, then I would look for those types of details and fun colors.  Try some with playful trim like fur or one with a fun pattern. The top trends for jackets this season are plaid prints, jewel tones, capes, and parka styles. Add a pop of color and you’re sure to make a statement.  Colors that are bright and cheery tend to help me feel more jubilant which helps everyone around me.  If you go for a bright color then keep your outfit neutral, so that your jacket and you, make a lasting impression.


Chevron Coat

Chevron Coat

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