Here in Charleston, we’re averaging 50 – 70 degree days…in December! Even for us, it’s abnormally warm this Christmas season. But nothing can keep me from snuggling up in cozy socks and this year….SLIPPERS!

It may seem unusual to have “slipper preferences,” but I’m here to tell you that the options are endless so the qualities are key! Today, I’m sharing the three key elements I search for in that soft shoe I wear all afternoon (and evening) long.

Fuzzy inside and out. I seem to find slippers with an incredibly soft hand on the exterior of the shoe. As I inspect the liner, I anticipate a pillow of awesomeness (of course that’s a word). To my dismay, I often find harsh and sandy soles with minimal available comfort. Make sure you find optimal softness inside and out!

The rubber’s gotta meet the road. Yes, I wear my slippers to walk the dog. Therefore, I need some grip to my step! Many slippers come with a flexible rubber sole to give more traction around the house (and even outside).

Give me breathing room. I love snuggles, but sometimes I need some room! I look for slippers with easy slip-on, slip-off features or decent give if made with elastic. (And if you really like room, consider a mule style for added ease).

If you’re looking to gift yourself this season, consider one of luxurious options below. Click on the image for more product detail, and get cozy my friends!



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