Meet the oh-so-lovely, Barbie Holmes. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Barbie. What a special treat it was for us here at National to partner with such a positive, influencer on the social scene today. Barbie is a Classic Lifestyle Model and her style is worthy of imitation. Enjoy our interview with Barbie Holmes and live in the inspiration!

So, what first inspired your appreciation of fashion and style?

At a young age, I admired my older teenage sister wearing the all the bold colors, prints and funky fashion styles of the late 1960s and early 1970s. This was balanced by the classic, tailored styles of two of my mother’s favorite actresses, Grace Kelley and Audrey Hepburn. I continue choose a classic style with a bit of modern flair. Our mother advised us to shop wisely in finding quality, timeless apparel at affordable prices. These words of wisdom have served me well throughout the decades as a few timeless, quality pieces stand up to the test of wear and tear and can be styled and repurposed in many ways.

When you are developing a daytime look, where do you start for inspiration?

I look to the climate and purpose of the day. For a fun-filled summer day out for lunch, shopping sightseeing or wine tasting in sunny Southern California my go to is usually Smart Casual attire. I start with dressy capri or cropped pants, shorts, or a fun skirt or sundress. Lightweight tops solid colors or multi-colored patterns (florals are very popular this season) a bit of ruffle and/or embroidery jazz things up and open toed shoes or sandals are staples. I mix up accessories- hats, belts, sunglasses, hand bags, jewelry giving the same outfit new life. A light cover up is often necessary for cool ocean breezes. Transitioning to an evening look can be achieved by changing footwear to a higher heal, opting for a more stylish cover up, a silk scarf, a bejeweled belt, adding a statement piece of jewelry and wearing a darker shade of lipstick.

Do you have one particular item you incorporate more than others OR a classic piece on which you put the base of your style?

Black on both parts!  I own several pairs of flattering black pants in a variety of styles- capri, cropped, full length, straight leg, wide leg from which I choose depending on the time of year, the mood of the day, and the formality of the occasion. Paring black pants with a top or sweater in a variety of necklines, sleeve and waist lengths is easy because I think black goes with every color and pattern. You can never go wrong with a little black dress. I also own several in varying lengths and styles. Accessories can really set off or change the LBD look by adding a stylish belt, scarf, bangles, earrings and necklaces appropriate to the occasion.  With black as the base, I can then generate many outfits and looks!

If someone is trying to mix-up and shift their style, what do you recommend?

Where do we start?

I always start with color and pattern. In my opinion, it is important to feel comfortable in a style you are used to, bit more courageous by experimenting with color and pattern. Go ahead and be a bit bold with color and print after which changing a style may not seem so daunting. Experimenting with different styles of shoes can take an ordinary outfit in a number of new directions.  I have been pleasantly surprised when I take a few steps out of my comfort zone.

Fall is around the corner. What recommendations do you offer for transitioning your wardrobe?

Summer tops can still be functional by layering under light weight cover ups and cardigans in darker colors or autumnal palette tones. Dressy capris, cropped pants, knee length summer shorts and skirts or even floral print dresses can transition into fall with a smart blazer.  As the fall months can still bring warmth in the afternoons simply throw the blazer over one or both shoulders.  A variety of styles of boots and scarves always usher in the arrival of fall!



Thank you so much Barbie. We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with you; everyone should know how beautiful you are inside and out! 






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