As my wardrobe expands to include more activities (read: more weddings, more work events, more casual nights out, etc.) I am learning that not every outfit requires its own companion shoe. Here are a few of my favorite styles that equip and transition easily from a casual stroll to a lunch date, or from dinner to a walk on the beach.

Occasions: Afternoon Jaunt, Dinner on the town

Apparel Choices: Jeans, Skirts, and Dresses


tip: choose a tan or light colored flat to create a visually longer look, as you would normally get with heels



Occasions: Afternoon Jaunt or a Boat Tour:

Apparel Choices: Shorts or Capris





Occasions: Dinner on the town, Afternoon jaunt, Grocery trip

Apparel Choices: Dress or Skirt

volcom sandal



So find the right shoe, and walk out with the perfect fit – from top to bottom!

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