I get this question a lot, especially when the season is full of colorful prints and patterns that can easily be overwhelming. The best advice I can give is determine your shape first. Body shape, that is. Are you an hourglass, pear, inverted triangle, rectangle, or apple? By selecting the right print or pattern for your shape you can alter your appearance. You can even make yourself look taller!

Think about where you want someone’s eyes to focus. Here’s a helpful infographic from Monroe & Main

Think body shape first , before you pick patterns.

Create a flattering figure by knowing what is going to work best with your body shape.

Hourglass: Choose a pattern on top and a solid on the bottom or vice versa. Draw attention to your waist with belt or sash.

Pear: Darker colors to trim your hips on the bottom and a lively print or pattern up top to draw focus up and balance your assets. Tunics are especially flattering.

Inverted Triangle: Bold stripes or colorful patterns up top and lighter solids below. Also look for A-line skirts, they’re specifically very flattering on this body type.

Rectangle: This is me. I like horizontal stripes across the top. It’s why I love the Mia Dress. It also helps give my hips shape with its asymmetrical cut at the waist and its diagonal lines below. A great choice for petites, as it adds height too. A win, win for me!

Apple: Focus on de-emphasizing your abdomen as well as accentuating your breasts and legs. Choose breezy garments that offer a design at the top and bottom. Muumuus are a great fit here and have grown in popularity for their ease and comfort. Plus if you can find an all-over print with vertical details, I say grab it.

What’s your shape? Share some style suggestions you use to flatter your shape with patterns and prints.


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