Don’t like showing your knees? Capri pants are a great option during the summer months. Whether you are on a cruise, at the beach, or just out on the town, capri pants are the perfect way to keep your legs covered while staying cool. They can be an especially good choice if you have spider or varicose veins that you don’t want people to see. Our friends at Sixty & Me show us how it’s done in their blog post, “Fashion for Older Women: Capri Pants for the Summer Months.”

Many women avoid capri pants because they are afraid the cropped length will make their legs look shorter or their calves look chunky. Check out Fabulous After 40 for advice on how to wear capris and still look “long, lean and stylish.” I also recommend “How to wear cropped pants: An extensive guide” on one of my favorite fashion blogs, 40+ Style.

Capris are not just for the older crowd. Capri and cropped pants look good on women of any age. Here are a few of my favorite tips for wearing capris:

  • Look for cropped pants or capris with a slim cut through the leg and narrow or tapered leg openings, which help to make your legs and calves look longer and slimmer.
  • Avoid cuffs and wide leg openings, like flares or bootcuts, which can make your legs look shorter and wider.
  • Avoid utility styles with pockets on the hips or thighs, which can make those areas look wider.
  • Choose pants that end at the narrowest part of your calf for the most flattering look.
  • Choose a color similar to your skin tone, like stone, beige, tan, or brown, to make your legs look longer. It makes the demarcation line between your pants and skin less noticeable and elongates the leg in the same way a nude-color shoe does.
  • Wear a wedge, flat-form or platform sandal to add height and make up for the length lost in the cropped pant.
  • Wear a shoe with a low vamp or in a nude color to help elongate your legs.
  • Keep proportions between your top and cropped pants or capris balanced. If you have a long waist, tuck in your shirt. If you have a short waist, try a hip-length top or a mid-length tunic with a slim-cut pant.

These are a few of the capri and cropped pant styles that are available from National:

UltraSofts® Cropped Pants

Donnkenny® Comfort Waist Crop Pants

Alfred Dunner® Pull-On Capris

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