As the winter months fade to spring, I find myself itching to nest in a brand new way. I’ve been known to change paint colors, move around furniture, and swap a dining room table for another one a neighbor is giving away…just for a smidge of newness in the changing season.

Today, I am sharing a few tips I’ve used in our home. After spending the first several years of our marriage in about 800 square feet, buying our first single family home was a bit daunting. Thankfully, my mother saved all of the furniture from my grandparents’ home, and we used much of it in our new house – of course, mixed in with our furniture from college days…freshly painted to transform the space.

Some of my favorite tricks include changing out the cases on my decorative pillows and adding a new throw atop my white couch. I’ve even gone so far as to sew up different types of fabric for decorative pillows, just so I can have a warm and cozy knit pillow during the winter and a light and airy linen pillow in the summer! (By storing these cases among my extra sheets and towels, I save space and money)! Below are a few photos from our sweet abode – and the tips to go along with them! Share your decorating details with me in the comment section below.

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Varied shades of white can be difficult to match, but adding in neutral woods and soft colors ties everything together. I found this dining room table at a small shop in South Carolina. When I saw it – I knew! It was our future family table, and I simply had to snag it. I found a friend to build us a coordinating bench on one side and purchased these bright blue chairs for $100 total. I found the cotton stems at an antique shop and added metal jars purchased for $20 total. I topped off the space with a wooden light pendant found at a clearance sale…and voila. Done!

Consider unique pieces to transform a room, and neutral larger pieces around which to build. Because our downstairs is one large living space, I chose to carry the white and blue tones into our living room. Here, I have added neutral pillows and light throws to our white couches with pops of blue in the antique trunk (a steal at $25!) and the glass end table (another sidewalk find at $15).  If you have a narrow living space as we do, open up the space by having the couches face one another. This also makes for easy entertaining and great play space for little ones.

Make old pieces work with the simple addition of fabric. Our bedroom is our sanctuary. If you haven’t noticed, I adore soft neutral shades with small pops of color. When Thomas and I got married, we had fairly different taste in furniture. Somehow – in this room – it all came together. With natural wood and varied textures in both the bed and curtains, I opted for a solid color rug and coordinating shades of tan and grey before bringing in some color with our throw pillows. While I wish I could take full credit for this space, the vision and execution belongs to one of my best and most talented friends, Whitney Walker of Farrington Lane. Sometimes…you just need a little help to bring it all together!

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