I’m not sure what day of social distancing we’re on…I lost track around day 8. (Anyone else?) I will tell you that I have significantly elevated my lounge game.


Regardless of the season in which we find ourselves, there is something truly uplifting about wearing what I call “happy jams.” Pajamas in bright colors and fun patterns make for a cheerful morning (or afternoon….or evening…no judgement here).


Personally, I love a button-down top and loose fitting pajama pants. (And a plus side of button-down pajama tops: throw on a scarf and earrings, and you’re ready for a video conference call where no one will ever guess you’re in pajamas.)


In my spring pajama recommendation list, I have included a soft robe in a stunning blue floral print (a great complement to any solid color pajamas!). Do you have a favorite pajama set for this time of year? While we’re lounging, let’s make sure we do so in comfort and style.


Lounging Pajamas by National®


Plush Zip Robe by National®

lullaby pajamas

Lullaby Pajamas by National®


English Garden Knit Pajamas by National®

Cheers to some happy,


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