It’s the holiday dreams are made of, and it’s my absolute favorite one of all. Little ones can choose between a day as a super hero or an evening as a princess. Grown ups can be as nimble as Zorro or as amphibious as Aerial. It’s Halloween, y’all!

I think I fell in love with Halloween as a result of my grandparents festive nature. Each year, In preparation for the holiday, my grandparents stocked enough candy for the entire neighborhood and more. They created special baggies of lots of candy for “the favorite kids,” including my childhood best friend and all the grand babies. My grandfather worked hard to select the best costume each year, and greeted every child with a smile and a hug. My parents continue the tradition (including saving candy for my sister and me).

I’m sharing a few treats (no tricks, I promise) on crafty snack time for the entire family. Click on the images below to go straight to these handy and simple recipes – ideal for children and adults to do together! What are your favorite celebratory traditions for Halloween? Is your costume ready to go?

Only a few more days……





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