Today marks our third time in one week to dress up for our favorite festivity – Halloween! Here in Carolinas, the celebrations begin the weekend prior and include neighborhood get togethers, dress up occasions at preschool, and even a trick or treating event at my office space!

It is our 11thHalloween as a couple and 2ndfor sweet baby Hatton. You’d think I would have Halloween nailed down by now. But this year, I broke the cardinal mom rule. I decided to wait and try on Hatton’s costume from last year on the morning of our first party. Editor’s note – her costume was pretty big on her last year. But even still, she grew far more than I realized! With only a few hours until show time, I was scrambling for ideas.

Before sharing my Halloween extravaganza, another important note – we love dressing up as a family. Last year, we were “a barrel of monkeys” (with our dog, Jasper, of course, dressing up in a red shirt to symbolize the barrel). As I embarked on a journey to find her perfect costume, I reviewed family options based on things Thomas and I had in our closet (we’re all about holidays on a budget!)

I knew I had my monkey costume from last year, a set of butterfly wings, and some random articles of clothing I could assemble to be a cowgirl or western themed hero. Thomas had fishing apparel, ski apparel, a Top Gun suit, and his monkey suit. I stepped into a costume store with a smidge of trepidation but a commitment to follow through. Rounding the kids’ aisle, I spotted it.

Her favorite animal.

Size 6-12 months. Size 3-6 months. My heart rate quickened – could this work? And behold, there it was. A full giraffe costume in 12-24 months! I called Thomas and ran through family ensemble ideas, snagged a walkie talkie and large “jailer” keys, scurried home and got us ready.

In a matter of minutes, we went from costume-less to a zoo keeper and his wild animals. Whew. Saved by the giraffe! (Completing the look is our fur baby, Jasper, who joined us as a lion on tonight’s Trick or Treating adventure!)

What are some of your favorite family memories preparing for Halloween? Share your costume ideas with me in the comment section below. I promise I will hang onto them and prepare in advance next year!

Happy Halloween from the Wilsons!

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