For more than eight years, I’ve loved on our sweet golden retriever, Jasper. Last year, our parents joined the fun and became pup parents to Timmy, who is now approaching his second birthday! Outside of being a mama to Hatton, loving Jasper has been the most fun gift. The joy of coming home to the happiest soul brings light to each day – even the hard ones.

Jasper loves nothing more than a visit from his curly headed buddy, so on my mother’s most recent visit, she brought Timmy along! Mom and I ventured on a favorite pastime for us both – a walk with the dogs. Since the day was a little breezy, we both opted for pants and comfortable tops. I chose a terry poncho, and Mom selected a printed tunic – and of course, a hat to protect from the sun!

While definitely active, these dogs are worth every ounce of added “work” to the day. A couple walks and some snuggles at night…and they are good to go!

What are your favorite things to do with your fur babies? Share your best adventures with me (and photos) in the comment section below!

With love and licks,


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