This trend is inspired by faraway travels and global influences. It blends cultures, textures, prints and colors.

The best way to try a new trend you’re not sure about is in small doses. Try adding elements of beading or fringe to a current look. Also, try not to go overboard with too many pieces; you run the risk of it looking more like a costume and less like an outfit. Add one piece at a time. Another option is to add accessories. One of the many things I love about accessories is that you can test the waters with any trend without having to commit too much. Go for a playful necklace, scarf, or beaded accessory to make your outfit look global chic!

Another way to try the trend is to add a fun patterned top or blouse to a denim bottom. Do not let pattern mixing discourage you, when done right with the same color families, and with a subtle touch of prints, it can lead to a fabulous look.

Channel your inner globe trotter and try this trend!  Love it? Hate it? Talk to me.



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