When I was a little girl, my favorite kind of Saturday was either spent cheering on the Tar Heels or window shopping along Uptown Lexington’s Main Street. Those hometown Saturday mornings remain some of my sweetest memories. We’d start with breakfast at Southern Lunch and follow it up promptly with a jaunt to Main Street, just a few blocks up from the restaurant.

As we’d cross Center Street, my eyes were all sparkles and glued on Parker-Miller Jewelers. The glistening sapphires and saturated greens of perfect emeralds sparked the imagination of this star struck kindergartner. To me, all those baubles evoked a sense of Hollywood glamor, that elegant vintage kind reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. It took the full strength of my mother’s tug to lead me past the window and on to the next.

The Olde Homestead opened as a craft store in 1990 and, as it grew to hold more gift and home items, transitioned to its current location on Main Street in 2001. Last week, I popped in to find a birthday present and took a deep breath. A faint aroma of gardenias mixed with sweet roses still lingers in that place…the exact same calming scent I’d find when I stopped in for a new journal in middle school. While the merchandise and awnings have evolved with the times, the familiar faces, wonderful customer service, and brightly colored windows remain, lovingly, the same.






Leaving the Olde Homestead with a gift in hand, I typically make one more stop before closing up my wallet. A Belle Boutique is a recent addition to our retail landscape and a welcome breath of fresh air and FUN! With bold colors, unique product selection, handmade accessories, and a beautiful retail space, A Belle Boutique has become a favorite of locals (and those passing through!)

Scour the racks for the perfect maxi dress. Add a pendant necklace (and maybe a headband) from the store’s incredible line of accessories. Grab a screen printed shirt for your next beach outing, and snag a new pair of shoes for your next date night! At A Belle Boutique, you will fill your closet with happy!



If you find yourself touring uptown or taking a break from a long ride down Interstate 85, come be a local with us!  Shop Uptown Lexington today!

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