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I grew up with a mother gifted in the art of DIY and decorating. To this day, she can take a roll of string, a lump of pine needles, a vase and some lights and create a breathtaking centerpiece. Neither my sister nor I dare complete our tree without her expertise.

This year, I want to include my daughter in the fun of Holiday decor. As such, I have started researching some options that are somewhat child friendly and – let’s be honest – easy for mama to complete! Hatton enjoys coloring, playing with paper and all-things-bright. Below are a few garland options I’ve selected. (We’re leaning towards the candy cane garland)! Click on the image you love most, and find a detailed how-to guide.

Do you enjoy making holiday decorations from scratch? How do you craft decorations that can last through the holidays season? Share your tips and tricks with me in the comment section below!

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