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One of fall’s fashion trends — FRINGE

Welcome Fall with trendy fringe trim. There are tons of ways to incorporate fringe pieces into your wardrobe. Try adding a piece like this vest, with a touch of fringe to spice up your wardrobe.

Flattering, fashionable knit vest with fringe.

Flattering, fashionable knit vest with fringe.

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Scarf Prints – How to make an expressive fashion statement

Scarf prints are a remix of paisleys, hatch marks, and geometric forms that may come arranged in patchworks. The name “scarf prints” is because they resemble the prints seen on scarves. Scarf prints are guaranteed to provide visual interest and make your outfit pop. For some ideas on how to wear scarf prints check out Parker’s post in the Rack of Style section of the blog.

Exclusive print. Easy pull-over design with back keyhole.

Sapphire Scarf Print Blouse

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Laid back in chambray

Summer’s favorite fabric is chambray. Made from cotton, it keep you cool and relaxed all summer long. Cotton is a great fabric to help beat the heat  from hot summer days. Chambray is a plain weave fabric woven or done in a crisscross method. It’s made using colored yarns in the wrap and white yarns in the weft. This season, National is using chambray in many different styles, for tops, shorts and dresses. Keep cool and always look crisp. Have a fav6253orite chambray piece? Share it with us.






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Life’s prettier in lace!

I’m obsessed with this season’s lace trend. Lace has become an essential fashion piece for summer. I have seen it all over the market in accessories and apparel. In my mind lace will never go out of style; it’s an effortless way to look beautiful.  When it comes to lace, less is more.

What are your favorite lace pieces?



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Easy outfit ideas with Ultra Soft

From picnic to party, beach and beyond. Summer-pretty outfits start with UltraSofts®….

  1. Try a simple outfit of a white UltraSofts knit top, blue jeans, and some statement jewelry.
  2. Need something cute? Pair UltraSofts shorts or a skort with a printed top and you’re ready to go.
  3. Nothing is easier or more carefree than an UltraSofts dress with some cute sandals.

There’s nothing better than an outfit that’s comfortable and actually stylish, right? What is your favorite UltraSofts outfit?






















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Summer 2016 Must Have Style Guide

Summer 2016 must have styles. Looking to relax and just get comfortable this summer? Or are you making big vacation plans? Whatever you have planned, here are a few wardrobe enhancers that won’t break your budget. Stay cool with these must-have styles:

  1. The Crop Pant
  2. Summer Dress
  3. White Cotton Top
  4. Beach Ready Hat
  5. Fun Summer Sandals and Sassy Necklace

What is your must have item this summer? 














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Trend Alert: Gingham for summer!

Gingham for summer! I can’t get enough of this adorable check pattern. Gingham reminds me of sunny skies and lazy family picnics. It’s a causal enough pattern to toss on with some shorts or denim. How do you wear gingham?
















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Spring Time Tea Party


This weather has me all kinds of inspired to throw an outdoor shin dig with close friends. In searching for a few ideas, I stumbled upon a detailed plan for various themed tea parties! 

What are your favorite outdoor parties to plan? Share your secrets with me! This southern hostess needs some schooling in the world of creating a memorable (and elegant) social gathering.

Cheers to springtime,


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What to Wear to Mother’s Day Brunch?

Sunday is Mother’s Day, which usually means you will be spending time with someone dear. On this day, it’s a tradition to give mom a break from her busy schedule, and treat her to something special. For many, there is a good chance that brunch will be involved. Here are a few options should a special meal be part of your Mother’s Day. Even better, treat yourself and your mom to these flattering styles, and she’ll be singing your praises for being the best-dressed women at brunch.

  1. You can’t go wrong with a pretty crinkle floral dress.









2. Go classic and comfy with soft flowing challis pants.









3 A beautiful blouse with a coordinate skirt or pant.









4. A versatile and effortless two-in-one sweater.









5. Add some fashion accessories with an Artistry Jewelry scarf







Happy Mother’s Day! Take a pic with your mom and share it with us!


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A Letter to Women


Mother’s Day. On many occasions, this day is a rushed moment of “buy flowers and drop them off.” For others, it is a day of grieving loss and unexpected heartache. For many of my dear friends, this year is the first to be celebrated as a brand new mom.

And for all of us, this day is about celebrating the women that have shaped our lives. The nurturing often associated with motherhood is a role each of us takes on – with or without children.

Today, I am writing to all the amazing women that have touched my life. You have left a mark on my heart and a lasting influence on the steps I’ll take all the days of my life. To me, you are a leader and supporter – and you bring all the qualities of motherhood into my life.

I want to tell you what inspires me most about you:

You understand that balance is a falsehood and engage fully in what is of highest priority now.

You care for the needs around you without question or hesitation.

You teach from your heart and your experience – only to edify others and strengthen your community.

You own your strengths and ask for help in your weakness, and to me – that is courage in its most stunning form.

You share truth in love – always.

You love those who have loved you with tremendous commitment and gratitude.

You celebrate life – in all of its hardships and joys.

You can rock a dance floor until midnight or hold a heartwarming conversation until midnight. In both, you’re fully engaged.

You live a life of constant learning.

You stand in the gap for others when they cannot do so alone.

To you – the powerful and unwavering examples of strength and love – thank you for the role you’ve played in my life. Thank you for giving of your time, energy, and love with such generosity and selflessness. And thank you for loving me, just as I am.

Happy Mother’s Day,

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