Recently, the National team had the opportunity to connect with Pamela Lutrell, author and founder of the blog, “Over 50, Feeling 40.” Inspired by her love of fashion and styling tips, we popped in to ask a few questions and share her insight with you, our National family.

What first inspired your love of fashion and styling?  I think I have always loved clothes, but did not really fall in love until I was a young advertising professional in my 20s in a world where everyone dressed for it! I was single and had the income to enjoy some serious shopping.  

When selecting your outfit of the day, where do you begin/where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration in many places…Pinterest, nature, art, blogs, creative outlets including movies and magazines.  I created a style system for myself several years ago that I call the Foundational Five.  I selected five adjectives that I want to communicate with my clothes every day.  I look in the mirror and ask if I am communicating reverence (respect), creativity, intelligence, strength, and friendliness (approachable) with my outfits.  Once I know all my five have been communicated I walk out the door with confidence.  By holding true to these adjectives each day, I have created Pam Style!

For those of us a little intimidated by color and pattern, where do you begin in selecting bolder pieces? Again, they have to meet my adjectives, but since one of my adjectives is creativity, I love to be a little bold with some pieces and step out of my comfort zone.  I have to able to wear it with confidence and no doubts. There are some prints which make me feel older, so I do not wear them. I am a saturated, warm color girl and know I look better in the deeper jewel tones than in pastels. It is done by trying clothes on…learning what works and what doesn’t. 

What are a few of your favorite trends/styles for Spring?  Spring has some great trends this year that I will participate in, like, hot pink colors, animal prints, ombre fabrics, fun sneakers, Living Coral, and long necklaces. What I like best about Ultra Softs is the soft, comfy feel of the fabric…perfect for relaxation after a busy day. 

Find more of Pamela’s tips on her blog, and read about her most recent review of some National favorites!

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