Everyday after school, I spent the afternoon at my grandmother’s house waiting for my parents to finish work. At the end of my school day, I could always rely on one thing to greet me at the door (in addition to her bold voice and big hugs): a Hershey’s kiss.

As I made it halfway down the sidewalk, like she could sense my steps, the thin glass door would open to reveal her mischievous grin from a distance. Knowing her thoughts (because they were my own!), I could read the expression. “Your granddad is still at work, so let’s eat candy while we can!”

In honor of her birthday week…and our mutual love of chocolate…below are a few recipes to get your sweet tooth going. What are your favorite ways to use chocolate in the kitchen? (Click on the images for the full recipe!)

Stay sweet,


Classic Chocolate Cake

Classic cake


Double Chocolate-Chip Cookies



Chocolate Loaf Cake



Chocolate Truffles Recipe



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