Growing up, one of my fondest memories of home was the aroma of fresh flowers in our living room. No matter what time of year, my mom had a sprig of something fresh blooming in our home. As I continue to pretend my way through adulthood, I pick and choose what I bring from my past into our present…and fresh flowers are definitely a mainstay!

When I was in graduate school, I opted for very simple arrangements of what most would consider “filler flower.” That tradition carries over, as we budget more of our income on diapers and baby food that large arrangements. Once every two weeks, I grab five stems of Trader Joe’s $3.99 options and arrange three on my dining room table and cram the rest into a small vase in our guest bath. I’m always amazed how long these beauties last, and am now trying to build more colorful arrangements for special occasions.

When looking online for some inspiration, I (of course) landed on Pinterest and found a few simple and easy arrangements for Spring! What are some of your favorite flowers to display this time of year?

To cheerful days ahead,


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