On Monday, I talked up all my favorite loungers for the cozy season ahead. Coupled with the right clothes, I’ve got some tips on relaxation to share with you my friends. Today, four steps to bliss!

Choose one or practice them all, and share your favorite relaxation methods with me in the comment section below!






10 Breaths to Slow Down: Sitting cross legged, sit up tall and take in a deep breath through the nose and release it through the mouth. Repeat 10 times (or until you sense a slower heart rate and more relaxation!)

Women practicing yoga in a class

Photo credit: Huffington Post


Lavender Oil: Use a few drops of lavender oil on your wrists or feet (and save a couple drops for your pillow at night!)

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Ashwagandha Tea: Long name, amazing results. Brew this herbal tea in the mid afternoon for stress relief or the late evening before bed.



Epsom Salt Bath: A warm bath with one scoop of epsom salts both exfoliates the skin and detoxifies the body. Couple the salts with your favorite essential oil (preferably lavender or peppermint for deeper relaxation) and enjoy!


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