October 26th….the final Monday before the word November appears on my calendar! This is the week – perhaps my favorite of all 52. It’s the week that begins a season of festivities!

The invitations are coming to my inbox for festive fall dinner parties, pumpkin carving contests, neighborhood block parties, Thanksgiving cocktails, and more. From Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years – it’s party time! To solve the hustle and bustle of holiday dress, I present you with my four corner festive fashion (inspired by the “four corner offense” of my beloved Tar Heels).

Go to base shirt. Choose a lightweight and flowing tunic (consider a pop of color or black for a minimalist closet).

Screenshot at Oct 26 14-16-46


Just the right pairing. Opt for clean cut pants or dark denim with a tapered leg (specifically for part 3)!

Screenshot at Oct 26 14-18-08


Shoe simplicity. Slip this easy-zip boot over your black leggings and find comfort and style for those stand-around kitchen parties!

Screenshot at Oct 26 14-17-43


Easy accessories. Accessorizing is the easiest part of this festive fashion process. Grab a long, lariat necklace and simple studs, or choose show stopper earrings and one coordinating bracelet.



Your four corner closet is set for the holidays with this easy-wearing additions. Click on the images for product details, and have yourself a festive fall season!

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