This weekend, the weather will dip just low enough for us to build an outdoor fire in our brick fire pit. A quick history on the fire pit…

It was my only home purchase requirement.

Priorities, my friends. Priorities.


Every backyard we surveyed had to be just the right layout for a small, circular fire pit. Nowadays, there are many options for portable fire pits to elevate the ambiance (and fun factor) of your back yard – no matter the size. We opted for a brick fire pit near our outdoor grill, and it was the best decision ever for our little family.


Last weekend, our daughter enjoyed her first s’more (and I’m certain more of those will be on tap for the weekend). Below are a few favorite “fire meals” for you to consider from The Kitchn. Are you a fan of cooking over a fire? Share your tips with me in the comments section below!

Grilled Peppadews from

Kebabs from

Skillet S’mores from


Happy Friday,


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