It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Scrolling through my emails this week, I read with such anticipation. Would I see it posted yet? Alas! There it was – an email from our local newspaper featuring something I eagerly await…Oprah’s release of her Favorite Things 2018 list. I always enjoy seeing what she finds on trend for clothing, gadgets, household items, and plain ol’ goodies. I love adding to my very own favorite finds list. On her list, I noticed a welcomed theme throughout her fabulous finds; comfy, cozy, plush lounge wear. I thought to myself, “We’re also on trend here at National. I can create a list of our own perfect lounging must-haves for our customer friends. Thanks Oprah!” Here are a few of my Favorite Festive Finds:

Wrap yourself in or give the gift of luxury. Our Long Velour Lounger is a beautiful addition to your holiday wardrobe. It’s the ultimate, supple fabric to relax in for lasting comfort throughout the day. I love the feel of luxurious velour, don’t you?

Relax in the luxurious comfort you deserve with our Long Velour Lounger

Wrap up in luxury with our Long Velour Lounger

We bring you back to the classics for lovely lounge-ability. Didn’t you fancy the days of watching leading ladies on the silver screen wear this piece, as they moved about gracefully? Our irresistible Chenille Bed Jacket comes in three color ways to match your own time-honored style.

Pretty, comfortable and perfect for cold, crisp nights, our Chenille Bed Jacket will be the warmest, coziest sleep accessory you'll ever experience.

Cozy up in your very own Chenille Bed Jacket

Who doesn’t want happy feet? Wouldn’t you just love sliding your feet into these beauties or should I say booties? We feature the Embossed Velour Booties by Dearfoams® for plush perfection. I promise your feet will not only be comfortable, but warm and toasty for the fast approaching cooler weather. Just think, you can give the gift of style and flair all the way down to those toesies.

When it comes to comfort and warmth, it doesn’t get any better than these Embossed Velour Booties.

Warm and toasty toes with Dearfoams® Velour Booties

So ladies, as your own festivities draw near, warm up and stay on trend with your very own festive finds. Shop with me at National Wholesale for all you holiday favs. I’ve started my list, now it’s your turn!

Happy festive shopping,




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