Time to talk new colors! We’re excited to introduce you to two new bold shades that are perfect for transitioning into fall.

UltraSofts Embroidered Henley-Tomato

UltraSofts Embroidered Henley

Make a statement in Tomato
In the color spectrum, red is associated with energy, power, passion, and love, but in fashion, it’s the ultimate bold statement. Whether it’s an embroidered henley or a printed tee this striking color makes everything pop.

UltraSofts Floral Print Top in Tomato

UltraSofts Floral Print Top

Embrace the warm, earthy Honey
Honey falls between canary and mustard, making it one of the more wearable shades on the yellow spectrum. Honey Gold is a warm, earthy shade that works perfectly for fall, complements many of the other popular colors that will be trendy this coming season and looks gorgeous in this stretch twill jacket.

Stretch Twill Jacket in Honey

Stretch Twill Jacket

These colors look great together. Also, pair them with navy for a beautiful trio! These colors encapsulate the warm, sunny styles of late summer and the orange-red tones announcing the beginnings of fall.

Get this eye-catching look for August here. Let us know which ones you are most excited about!

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