At National, we focus on high quality fabrications that ensure fit, comfort and style. Our signature UltraSofts pieces are available year round, as are many cottons in both woven and knit. Summer brings along more linen options, lightweight and idyllic for the time of year. And as the temperatures drop and the cool night air sets in, we trade our lightweight garments for the luxurious and cozy feel of velour.

Research shows the beginnings of its fame rooted in the 1960s, as men rebelled against tailored clothing and opted for a more comfortable look.Velour gained popularity in the 1970s, thanks to hit bands like the Bee Gees who brought it forward as a chic and modern look. It was made increasingly popular in men and women’s fashion as a jogging suit.

The word “velour” actually stems from an 18th century French word meaning “velvet.” Today, velour is a sought after fabrication. Its easy-care and comfortable qualities make it a staple fabrication for the fall and winter seasons.

At National, we love crafting beautiful pieces with this luxurious fabric. From cardigans to loungers, slippers to cozy booties, we have an array of options to bring velour to your wardrobe this season. Which of these selections is your favorite? Share your favorite one with me in the comment section below!

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