I wish you could see my closet circa 2006. It was magical – beautiful red patent leather heels pushing me an extra 4-5 inches taller (ironic considering I am already 5’9”), brown suede stilettos with pink stitching, and a pair of gold high heels with rhinestones that would knock your socks off.

In 2007, I sustained a lower back injury that landed me in surgery and forced me to say goodbye to my beautiful stilettos. I consigned every pair of shoes with heels two inches or more. High heels can strain calf muscles and tighten quads, ultimately leading to knee and lower back issues. I learned this the hard way, but have found a new shoe path!

My new shoes of choice? Flats! Since investing in high quality, flat loafers I have found far more versatility in shoe options and – of course – a lot of comfort. Equally important to a low heel is the level of support within a flat shoe. Below are four options that check all the boxes for me – style, comfort, support, and versatility.

Which pair is your favorite?

Walk comfortably,

women's loafers

Charmy Loafers by
Hush Puppies®

women's shoes

Nava Ballet Flats by

women's flats

Ayla Low Flats by

flats shoes

Pleats Be With You Pumps by
Hush Puppies®

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