Upon scheduling our first week long vacation for the year, I promptly scoured my mother’s library for a lengthy novel to take along for the ride. Given the page count, I assumed Francine Rivers’ Bridge to Haven would get me through the week (if not longer). Well, my friends….she got me through day one.

The first chapter, with its breathtaking backdrop of Abra’s beginnings in life, captivated my heart and stirred something in my soul. As the pages turned, I found pieces of myself reflected in Abra. While our backgrounds and choices were not always similar, the way in which we viewed ourselves – questioning if we’re enough, and doubting our worth – was all too (hauntingly) similar. A few more chapters in, I felt connected to her plight and longed for her to see the truth of her life. Somehow, I felt a part of her story – beginning to end.

Bridge to Haven is a phenomenal journey through heartache, disappointment, grace and redemption. Readers find connection and relationship with Rivers’ authentic characters and walk away restored…breathing in the joy of life a little more deeply. If you are searching for that next book, grab a hold of this one (and maybe have some kleenex handy!)


With a joyful heart,


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