Ten years into my marketing career (ok, eight if you count the couple year break I did for some additional schooling – nerd alert!), I came to work alongside my mother and her phenomenal team. National, for 62 years, has been a family business…and it remains one.

My first few months have been chock full of learning. Though I’ve spent 30 years hearing the ins and outs of the business from my grandfather and mother, actually being a part of it carries new realizations and eye opening moments every day.

Take, for example, the development of colors for you – our valued National customer. In July, Elissa, Brand Developer, introduced me to the fall preview book. She spent an hour walking me through the product. Its inspiration, evolution, design, and birth are housed in her creative and incredibly brilliant brain. A year in advance of the catalog’s arrival to your home, Elissa spends time reviewing your feedback, pouring through trend magazines, and evaluating fashion shows and product lines that bring fall to life. This year, she brings new life to your favorites with hints of sunflower and the richness of violet.

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What are your favorite colors we’ve brought to the catalog this season? What are you most excited to add to your closet? Share your ideas with us!

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