No matter your style, you can certainly find a hat that compliments your look. Hats come in so many options, with different materials and styles. No matter what your face shape, or personal fashion sense, there is a hat for you. Please see below tips for your face shape:

Oblong: Go for a hat with a wide brim.

Square: Try a hat with softer lines. An asymmetrical hat or one you can turn up the brim.

Heart: Try for a smaller hat. The knit beret at a slight angle would work perfect.

Round: Try an asymmetrical or slanted hat with a high crown to help length your face more. The fedora is a perfect style and can be worked in many angles.

Ovals: Lucky for you every hat works perfect. Mix up your hat look every day.

Got a favorite hat? Share a picture of yourself in your favorite hat.  

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