In the past few weeks, we’ve covered quite a few seasonal topics: the perfect apple cider, how to wear a ruana, and specific layering tips for the Fall. In looking through our recent conversations, I realize we’re missing an important component of Fall fashion – SHOES!

Today, I’m sharing a few footwear selections for cooler weather. Whether you find yourself in the misty and damp Pacific Northwest, or the somehow-still-80 degrees of the South, there is a shoe to “fit” your needs! Find your weather pattern below, and click on the image for more product information.


With a high 50 degrees and wind gusts of 10 MPH, the fireplace is on by 10:00 a.m.



Cool mornings, around 55 degrees, with scattered showers in the afternoon.


Clear starry skies offer a comfortable 68 degree kind of night.


Refreshing sunrise with an afternoon temperature of 75, not a cloud in the sky.


From afternoon tea to evening strolls along the sandy shore, slip on the perfect seasonal shoe and relish all that Fall has to offer. Happy trails, my friend!





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