You likely read a lot about UltraSofts fabric over here. That’s because I am a big fan of casual comfort and quality fabrics that hold shape and color – wash after wash!

In search of comfort that held its shape, my mother – Lynda Swann – developed this blended fabric and has since supported our merchandising team in creating fresh new looks using UltraSofts fabric. The fabric is a unique blend of polyester and cotton, thereby affording each piece fantastic color stay properties and easy-to-maintain shape.

For transitional seasons and warmer weather, this specialty crafted fabric is ideal for all-day wear. While you may be accustomed to seeing many of our staple items in bright colors for the season, click on the images below to review some of our patterned options – available in UltraSofts fabrication!

What are your favorite UltraSofts pieces? Share images with me in the comment section below or write in your favorite style!

Stay cool,

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