Tis the season for cozy sweaters and beautiful colors. Today, I’m sharing one of my favorite fabrics that makes up the warmest sweaters around – say hello to bouclé.

What attributes to the softness of this fabric? It’s all in the yarn! Ironically enough, the term bouclé refers to both the yarn and fabric that comes from it. The yarn has a looped or curled ply, giving the overall fabric a plush texture and softness. The origin of the name comes from the French language, circa 19th century, meaning “buckled or curled.”

For the yarn to transition into a bouclé fabric, the weaver combines at least two strands of yarn with the tension on one much looser than the other. The looser strand forms loops as the other serves as the stabilizer.

Today, the fabric is commonly found in sweaters, outerwear, winter headwear, socks, and anything else to add warmth in the colder months. Click on the images below to view some of my favorite uses!

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