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Can you say, “Sprinkles of twinkles everywhere” or “Artful sparkles in the air”? Well, ‘tis the season for all the bright and beautiful light displays. Many of us have fun family traditions during the holiday season and travel to amazing places to celebrate lighting festivities. Check out Parker’s blog in our ‘Rack of Style’ section this week for great holiday destination ideas!

With so many options for travel, we must not forget to dress for all of the merrymaking. We may be out in the cool element for a while, so we’ll need to bundle up. I always find layering is good practice, don’t you? I say, better to be prepared and remove a layer if necessary than to be cold with no immediate ‘warming station’ around. Brrrrrrrrr…

Are you like me in that you feel as long as your head, hands, and feet are covered well, you can endure any climate [ha, ha, ha]? Being from up north, we did lots of walking. As we traveled on foot during many cold and snowy days, it was a must – layer and cover up all that we could. Often times, I’d get a good laugh as I watched passersby; I’d only see their eyes, everything else on the person was hooded, wrapped, gloved, layered and booted.

Even though, this traditional way to dress for the season is virtually inescapable, we CAN do it in style, right ladies? National makes it really easy for you to look your brrrrrr….y best! I’ll get you started with some of my favs for the festivities:

Silky nylon outside, so clothes glide on. Brushed cotton inside for natural comfort.

Your ‘Layering Foundation’ with Cuddl Duds® Thermals


This Cable Fleece Lounge Jacket is perfect for staying warm on chilly days.

This hooded Fleece Jacket helps keep out the cold


Treat yourself or someone else to this 3-Piece Cold Weather Set and keep the cold at bay.

Keep in the warmth with our 3-Piece Cold Weather Set


So soft and snuggly, you'll love cuddling up in this Fleece Pullover by Cuddl Duds® when the temperature drops.

Love the feel of this Fleece Pullover from Cuddl Duds®


A modern wardrobe essential, our Ponte Leggings are much more than just your "basic black leggings."

Be layered in comfy leggings


The ultimate thermal socks. Make sure your feet stay toasty warm and dry, even on the coldest of winter days, with this 2-Pack Thermal Socks by Hot Feet™

Toasty toes in thermal socks by Hot Feet™


During the winter months, it's nearly impossible to predict the weather.

Be shielded from rain or snow with all-weather boots

Now, I think you are well on your way to being warm, toasty, AND oh so stylish for the celebrations. With so much to choose from, visit National for classic style selections at such affordable prices. You’ll also find gifting easy-breezy! Well, maybe we’ll leave out the “breezy”, brrrrrrrr…

Happy holiday travels,




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