One of my favorite childhood memories during the week of Easter: decorating eggs…lots of them. Traditionally, we resorted to the vinegar + dye solution. Simple. Easy. (Mostly) neat and tidy. Today, there are many options for creating unique decorations for your dining room table, and…more importantly…countless memories with your loved ones.

For a traditional approach to egg dyeing, hard boil the eggs. Then, allow them to cool in an ice bath before decorating. Note: make sure the eggs are completely dry before decorating. (For an egg you can keep for years to come, use the “egg blow out method.” This is a more tedious process but allows you to preserve your creations for future Easter celebrations! See the 10 step process here.) Then, select your decorating preference! Below are three of my favorite artistic methods!


Using a wax marker, draw on the white egg any designs you like. The wax will prevent dye from penetrating the egg, leaving you with a beautiful design and bright color.

painted eggs


Simplicity of color

Vinegar + dye never go out of style! Especially when decorating with young children, this method is simple and fun – and always makes for a gorgeous and happy centerpiece!



Paper Mache + Mod Podge

Find some tissue paper or thin newspaper, and cut small squares and shapes. Using Mod Podge (available here or at a local craft store) or your own preferred watered down glue, paint the egg and place the papers sporadically. Finish with a brushed coat of glue and allow the eggs to dry.



Wherever your creativity takes you this Easter, may it come with bright colors and warm memories!

With love,



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