I have quickly learned how to get my daughter’s attention when dinnertime rolls around.


“Hey Hatton…I have an idea.”

“What, mama? What?”

“Let’s have BREAKFASTY dinner.”

“YES! That’s a great idea, mama!”


Every time we land on “breakfasty dinner,” she squeals, twirls and runs to inform her favorite person ever…Daddy…of the decision. Typically, we wind up with eggs and bacon for dinner thanks to long days, limited fridge ingredients and minimal mental capacity to pour over a new recipe.

But breakfast recipes? These are tried and true – and easy for any time of day.

Below are a few I love, especially for weekends when the grandparents come to town for a visit (French toast casserole is always my go-to). Below are three staples in our “breakfast anytime” house. Which one will you try?


Breakfast Veggie Tacos, Love & Lemons


Breakfast Scramble Stuffed Avocado, Spoon Fork Bacon


French Toast Casserole, Simply Recipes


Happy cooking,




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