As I strolled through the office a couple weeks ago, a colleague of mine commented on my hairstyle. “You always have some kind of up-do,” to which I replied “so that I can avoid the heat!”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had extraordinarily long hair. When I turned 13, my sister offered me a “makeover gift card” to a local salon. That day, I cut off more than 12 inches and spent the next few years in the world of short hair. Admittedly, it was different – and a lot of fun. I played with hair styles, figured out unique ways to still manage an up-do, and really dove into hair accessories (big time!) During college, I grew it back out to its original length…and I’ve never cut it again (save the occasional trim, of course). As a resident of the Carolinas, I’ve mastered the heat resistant, easy up-do.

Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorites – ones on which I rely daily for a quick fix prior to a meeting or a fanciful way to dress up a date night.


Clean and controlled.

low-slung-bun_2625288a wrap ponytail


The slicked back bun. I learned this easy style from my elegant and sophisticated mother, who always seemed to have her full look pulled together – no matter WHAT she had going on! To accomplish this style, you can comb back either wet or dry hair and form a low ponytail. Twist the full pony tail, and wrap it in a circular motion into a knot or twist. Tie off the bun with a second hair tie wrapped around the circle or use bobby pins to hold in place. (Note: if you have short hair, simply fan a low ponytail and pin down the edges to form a circle).

The wrapped ponytail. This style – it’s a staple in my book, and one of the simplest to accomplish. Form your hair into a ponytail. Find one 1/4 inch section towards the middle or top of your ponytail, and wrap the hair around your hair tie. Secure the last piece within the hair tie or using a bobby pin. I add a smidge of hairspray for extra security, and voila – a dressed up ponytail!


An elegant mess.

wrap bun messy bun


Bohemian “Wrap”sody. If you haven’t noticed, I walk a bit on the wildflower side. So this wrapped “messy bun” is one of my favorite pairings with a relaxed sundress or casual playwear. Gather your hair towards the crown of your head, and form either a small bun using the techniques above, or a “sock bun” for more of a statement look. Take a thin silk or ligthweight scarf, and twist it into a thin band. At the base of the bun, wrap your scarf around until you can gently tie it off, or pin it to the sides of the bun. Pull a few strands loose for a breezy and beach kissed look!

Pinned to perfection. This style is a recent addition to my collection, With hair in its natural wavy form, or curled, separate strands and twist until it reaches a “halfway twist,” (meaning the top of the hair is smooth, and the bottom half of the strand is in twist formation). Starting with the top half of your hair, pin small curls or “mini buns” and work your way into the lower section, pinning into the middle. Add a bit of product or hairspray for extra stability. (Note: this style is ideal for short to medium hair, as well!)


With these easy up-dos, you won’t need a fancy event as an excuse to spice up your style. Grab some bobby pins and a hair tie, and begin exploring your favorite styles today!

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