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Loving Living in Loungewear

Do you ever have the type of middle-of-the-week feeling where pajamas seem like the best idea but errands warrant a slightly more “together” look?

Welcome to my motherhood journey!

My “youngest” twin is on the move – crawling non-stop and doing circles around our living room (literally). My daughter has more energy than three kids combined (still have one twin not crawling yet, but insists on being held). Needless to say, I am on the move frequently – and comfortable clothing is key to my day!

Softwear by Swann, a line exclusive to National, recently developed two versions of the softest lounge clothes I’ve found – everFor slightly cooler days, I love the matching shirt and pant option. If I am making a quick trip to the mailbox but not ready to ditch the comfortable jammy morning quite yet – the Lounger Dress is my go-to. These items pack like a dream for your next weekend jaunt and make a great option for simple, thoughtful gift giving.

Who said you have to sacrifice comfort for style? You’ll find me in loungewear all. season. long.

Cozy Pajamas by Softwear by Swann®️

Cozy Pajamas by Softwear by Swann®️


Cozy Lounger by Softwear by Swann®️

Cozy Lounger by Softwear by Swann®️


Stay cozy,


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Layered Accessories

What a beautiful week in Wilmington! We are basking in blue skies and temperatures of 70 degrees – if I could freeze time on a day like this, oh, I would be the happiest gal. The air is just crisp enough in the mornings for a light jacket and warm enough midday for a light layer to have – in case cloud cover brings cooler weather.


This time of year, I pull out my favorite long wraps, ponchos and vests to layer with short and long-sleeved shirts, or sweaters for those extra chilly days. National has a few new arrivals – all of which are ideal for this weather. Each piece is a simple way to add boldness and pattern to your closet if you’re like me and…well….love all things solid color!


Below are four additions for your fall-to-winter wardrobe. Whether you are like me and living by the coast or nestled high up in the Colorado mountains, these pieces are a must-have for your closet this season. Click on the images below to find out more.


Multi Print Wrap

Colorblock Animal Kimono by Jessica McClintock®

Animal Print Poncho by Esperanza®

Plaid Vest


Which item is your favorite?


Happy layering,


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Compression Hosiery as a Daily Routine

I didn’t realize the importance of compression hosiery until I was flat on my back with a disc injury at the age of 22. Over the next few months, compression socks and hosiery became a game-changer for my recovery, and ultimately lead to a new understanding in energy maintenance.


Years later, I found myself in a job requiring 7-8 hours on my feet every day. Especially on days with large public events, I was upright from morning until night, sometimes working a 12-hour day with few breaks in between. Nowadays when traveling by air, I pack compression hosiery in my carry-on and find adjustment to new time zones much easier. My energy is sustained and that “travel lag” feeling is minimal. Needless to say, compression hosiery has remained a staple component in my wellness journey.


Below are four options for simplifying compression in your daily life. Whether you prefer full compression or minimal coverage, the National team has a variety of options to complement your comfort and achieve optimal support.

Compression Support Thigh-Highs by National®

Over-the-Knee-Highs by Just Comfort®

Sheer Open-Toe Knee-High by Just Comfort®

Compression Support Pantyhose by National®

Have you added compression socks or hosiery into your daily routine? Share the benefits you’ve experienced in the comments section below.

Be well and energized,


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3 Pieces for Layering

Fall is here, which means it is time to stock up on layering pieces for the season! I’ve included three pieces ideal for layering this time of year. Worn on its own, the Denim Printed Shirt Jacket is a great complement to dark jeans or bold, rust-colored leggings. For a soft and polished look, add the Speckled Knit Sweater and roll up the sleeves to show off gold bangles or stacked bracelets. If it gets a bit chillier than expected, make sure to grab this Stretch Twill Jacket for an afternoon out and about!


Denim Printed Shirt Jacket by National®


Speckled Knit Sweater by National®


Stretch Twill Jacket by National®


What are your favorite pieces for fall? Share how you love to layer in the comments section below!


Stay warm,


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Light Layers for Fall

Friends – YESTERDAY THERE WAS A 6 IN THE TEMPERATURE! All the praise hands for cooler morning weather and beautiful beach walks in September!


On this morning’s family walk, I had to snag a jacket before we left the house. Just the right weight for today was my National Jacquard Bomber Jacket. With a low crew neck collar and an easy zip closure, it is a staple item for me this time of year. When I’m eager to add color and vibrance to my leisure look, I opt for my bright and cheerful Zip Jacket. Another favorite – especially for mountain top mornings – is this soft and cozy Berber Fleece Vest, in Black or Caribbean Blue.


As temperatures continue to be kinder to us southerners, these items will be on rotation in my closet! Which one is your favorite?

Jacquard Bomber Jacket by National®

Full Zip Jacket by National®

Berber Fleece Vest by National® (Caribbean Blue)

Berber Fleece Vest by National® (Black)

Happy trails,


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Just a Little Extra

We’ve talked about fashion simplicity – it’s my go-to! These days, the most “flair” I add to my wardrobe is a spark of color and a little detail. My favorites from National are the perfect combination.


Today, I am sharing a few options that add a touch of style without sacrificing ease and comfort. (Just click on your favorite selection to learn more about the item.) Each one of my picks is constructed from our signature UltraSofts fabric. Known to hold shape and color beautifully, these items have the added bonus of UPF 50+ protection! Enjoy an afternoon stroll without concern – all while enhancing your comfort and style.


I lean towards cutout details with a solid jean or black legging. The side-tie shirt is a great option with a long skirt or slacks. For a more casual approach, the white shirt with sleeve detail is a number one favorite.


Tell me how you love to style your favorite in the comments section below!

Floral Cutout Top by UltraSofts®

Grommet Detail Knit Top by UltraSofts®

Side Tie Top by UltraSofts®

Cut-Out Sleeve Top by UltraSofts®


Cheers to comfort (and style),


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End-of-Week Meal Planning

As the week begins, I plan out most of our meals and make sure our groceries are set to accommodate this wild crew. Recently, I found myself stuck in a rut by the time our week came to an end. With three kiddos three and under, simplification is everything. Recognizing now that Thursday through Saturday become “dinner ruts” for me, I have started compiling dinners from leftovers and remaining ingredients in the form of three simple dinners.


  1. Snacky Dinner: I snagged this term from a close friend of mine who also has twin boys and a daughter – she is my soothsayer these days! I grab a pack of crackers, a few slices of whatever leftover grilled meat I’ve created in the last day, some raw veggies and a “snack” (think raisins, pretzels, veggie sticks, raw fruit, a slice of cheese…anything). I set it up in separate “stations” and allow our little fam to pick and choose a customized snacky dinner. This is always a hit with my toddler.


  1. Leftovers Pizza: I keep a box of Simple Mills artisan pizza dough in my pantry at all times. When my energy is depleted, this is my go-to option. I quickly bake the pizza crust and pile on olive oil, remaining leftover veggies, and top with feta (which I also keep stocked at all times).


  1. Roast and Blend: When all else fails, I look in my fridge and roast the remaining veggies to blend into a soup. Somehow…this works. The best combinations include apple, sweet potato, carrot, ginger and cinnamon. Because I typically buy these items in bulk, I often have enough to create a couple bowls of soup for our little crew (and add on sandwiches of course).


How do you prepare for the end of week cooking lull? You know this crew always needs advice!

Happy Friday,


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Simpler Seasonal Styles

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself reaching for the exact same shorts and boatneck shirt I have worn on repeat since June. It’s easy, mindless and efficient. And as a mom of three under three, that’s exactly what I need. Lately, I’ve found myself wanting a pick-me-up in my daily routine. I’ve found that a little change here and there can perk up my attitude and boost my energy…very needed during this wild time with littles! So, I started with a shift in my wardrobe.


My new standard uniform includes a comfortable cotton sheath dress and slip-on shoes. I add bold earrings or a necklace, and I feel brand new. Sure, it is simple and yep, still efficient. But it’s just enough variation from the norm and lends itself well to a change in accessories for that added pop of color.


I’ve hand-picked four dresses to add to your closet this fall. If you’re in a warmer part of the country, consider a lightweight denim or flowing sheath dress. Have a bit more breeze in your neck of the woods? This belted denim dress is perfect for you. And if you’re ready for some pattern, opt for stripes.


Which one is your favorite?


Casual Denim Dress by National®

Eyelet Dress by National®


Denim Belt Tie Dress by National®


Overlay Side-Tie Dress by National®



Happy shopping,


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Action-Packed Styles

As we move through the week, one thing I’ve been especially grateful for is having breathable, cooling apparel in my wardrobe as the days grow hotter—especially as I’ve been trying to incorporate extra movement and exercise throughout the days wherever possible. And thank goodness for moisture wicking—you never know when it will come in handy! Add some UV protection in the mix, and I’m ready for whatever the day brings.


So, for these reasons, Wic-Tech™ by National® has quickly become a summer favorite. They have all of the above–and feel exquisite! Which style is your favorite? Share with us in the comments!


Ready for action,


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Red, White, and Blue Styles

I stepped outside this morning to take our sweet Jasper dog on a stroll. We’re officially relegated to extremely early walks, as the humidity has found us in Wilmington. ’Tis the season for lightweight layers and loose-fitting silhouettes!


With summer holidays around the corner, I am sharing a few looks perfect for the July 4th weekend and the rest of your summer strolls. Our newest assortment is easy to mix and match, making it easy to create a multitude of looks all summer long. Personally, with two more added to the mix and an energetic 3-year-old to watch – you’ll find me in sleeveless tanks and comfortable pants (or my favorite crops) for the remainder of this season. If I find myself with enough time to enjoy a meal with Thomas, I will definitely spruce up my outfit and opt for this comfortable shirt and printed skirt.


womens pants

Stripe Capri Pant by National®


womens sweater

Flare Leg Capri Pant by National®


womens cardigan

Janet Cardigan by National®



Print Tiered Skirt by National®


How about you? Which look is your favorite?


Stay cool,



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