Happy Earth Day from National! Today we celebrate the stunning creation that surrounds us – and take an opportunity to relish the many gifts it has afforded us.

As a mom, I recognize the importance of leaving our home better than we found it. I want my daughter to have the opportunity to explore the Grand Canyon, celebrate her birthday on clear blue water, and hike to the top of Pike’s Peak with nothing around her but the crisp Colorado air. I have tried to make concerted efforts to reduce the amount of plastic I use on a daily basis and be intentional about recycling. I’ve found incremental shifts make the biggest difference – and for me, step one was a great, multi-purpose tote bag.

This bag serves as a weekend suitcase, a quick grocery run tote, a beach bag and a catch all diaper bag. It is made with a striped paper braid and comes in a variety of colors (so you can hang onto more than one…just in case!) Sturdy leather straps and a zipper closure ensure all of your goodies will stay safe, wherever you go.

Here’s to small (and stylish) changes in our daily habits – as we work together to celebrate countless Earth Days ahead.



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