As I mentioned last week in a previous post, my husband and I started Whole30. A key component of this shift in our nutrition includes increased water intake – and this is not an easy change for me!

Fortunately, Thomas started a new routine several weeks ago (as he’s been pushing me to drink more water for months!) Every day, I open our fridge to find a beautiful glass pitcher full of fruit-infused water. Typically, he changes the water every 3 to 4 days, offering a new and fresh flavor to enjoy. Below are a few of my favorite renditions of this powerful, healthy, and vibrant twist on water!

How do you encourage ample water intake per day? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below!

Drink up,


Key ingredients: Apple, grape, lemon and orange

Key ingredients: Strawberry and Mint

Key ingredients: Lime and Cherry

Key ingredients: Cucumber and Melon


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