Who knew that just trying to avoid afternoon headaches would lead to a whole new world of accessories? Five years ago, I was in graduate school and behind a computer or book every moment I wasn’t sleeping. I found myself with a dull headache and tired eyes by 3:00 p.m. So off I went to my first optometry appointment where I learned glasses would join my wardrobe!

Upon trying to get a new (and more comfortable) pair of glasses last week, I was instructed to update my prescription. (Apparently, we need to do this every year. Who knew?!) Now let me back up for a second – when I got my first pair in 2009, I was in sticker shock. I realized my accessories fetish would not carry over into eyewear, because my wallet couldn’t sustain my ever-changing style. Fast-forward to present day, and new companies are popping up left and right to fill the prescription eyewear space with more affordable and still durable options. For my latest pair, I am hopping on the Warby Parker bandwagon! Here’s how it works:




  1. Visit the website ( and scan them all or narrow down the options by color and shape
  2. Select five pairs to try for free! Shipped directly to your door, you can try them on for yourself…and for friends!
  3. When you’ve selected your option, you can attach or send in your prescription and BOOM, it’s on your doorstep! Mail them back with your marked selection. Your order is complete, and soon you’ll receive your very own frames for $95.00!


What’s even better than that? When you purchase a pair, Warby Parker gives a pair to an individual in need. That’s right – you can find a prescription set of glasses for less than the standard $250 frames and you’re helping someone gain their vision in the process. Now THAT is a great accessory!

Find the pair I finally selected here!


the upton

Happy shopping,


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