Heads up, sunny skies are just ahead–and ShopNational is taking time to prepare so you don’t have to.

First, let us acknowledge that the sun is responsible for so many great things–from giving you that special glow in your family photos to photosynthesis helping your flowers bloom. Just remember that while we’re out enjoying all the solar sensations of warmth and vitamin D, we could be damaging our skin without even noticing, increasing the likelihood of an annoying burn to getting skin cancer. (Not to mention, the last thing we want is our skin aging any faster than it has to!)

So, let’s do what we can about it.

This spring, ShopNational is rolling out dozens of new styles of women’s apparel that provide excellent UV protection, including new UltraSofts® as well as an activewear line, coined Wic-Tech™ after adding moisture wicking benefits to silky soft, fresh-feeling fabrics. These notable parts of National’s Spring Collection originated with a targeted vision of women living their best life in 2020, offering feminine, flattering style that’s comfortable enough for indoor-to-outdoor wear, a light chill to warming weather–whatever the day brings.

Ok, comfort and style are covered, but how good is the UV protection?

The Skin Cancer Foundation deems an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50+ to be “excellent”, casting a shadow over the next-best “very good” designation for UPF 30 to 49. Every UltraSofts® and Wic-Tech™ garment is rated UPF 50+, according to ASTM D6603. This excellent UV protection doesn’t wash out, being intrinsic to the soft, easy-care fabrics as they block at least 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.


Now that some light’s been shed on the topic and we see what a difference UPF can make, let’s kiss that UPF 30 clothing goodbye, and continue to be well in the little ways that we can.





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