We’ve stocked up on swimsuits. We’ve readied our flavor infused water. And now…it’s time to dress for that heat coming our way!

Today, three tips to prepare your wardrobe for a Carolina summer!

1. Choose lightly. Light colors block the sun and keep the skin cool on clear sky days. Choose white or pastels for optimal temperature balance.









2. Choose loosely. We all know the joyous comfort of sweat pants. Why not find that in your day wear as well? Choose a loose cut pant, like our Challis Pant, or a relaxed knee length skirt for comfort and ease. Generous cut clothing allows air to circulate and pull sweat away from your skin.






3. Choose the shoes. Yes, even shoes are important in preparing for hot days. Sandals are a great choice for a morning out. For a more active afternoon, choose a mesh covered shoe like the Propet Travel Walker for breathability and comfort.











And of course, more important than what we wear is what we take in. Make sure to hydrate even more than average on extremely hot days. Sunscreen is a must, even if the clouds roll in. Plenty of water and sun protection will allow you to really enjoy the sunny days of Summer.
Happy trails!

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