Especially as the mama of a non-stop moving (almost) one year old, it is easy for our house to become a cluttered mess in no time. We’ve worked to create somewhat of a routine to keep things in place.

  1. Laundry days: we choose a couple days a week to tackle large loads of laundry at once. We’re in the groove of washing and folding, so everything is done in chunks instead of sprinkled throughout the week (and ultimately piling up!)
  2. Room by room focus: Each day, one area of the house gets some extra love. Mondays, the kitchen gets the most attention. On Tuesdays, we tackle the bathrooms, Wednesdays the bedrooms, and so on. Just 10 minutes of cleaning goes a long way with this strategy!
  3. One item in, one item out: If we purchase new clothes or shoes, we remove an equivalent number of items from our closet and sell them on consignment or donate to a local center. This keeps our closet (mostly) organized and less crowded with unnecessary items – which would ultimately lead to a massive cleanup.

How do you keep the house clean and vibrant throughout the week? Share your decluttering and tidy up tips with me in the comment section below!

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