One of my favorite pass times this season is to choose a great book, whip up a warm drink, head over to my favorite chair, AND sink deep into the cushions. Nothing says ‘I’m putting on the brakes’ quite like this picture, eh ladies? There are two ingredients that are essential for true ‘chill out’ mode. First, light a candle to set the mood. Second, I must drape myself in the perfect cozy and cuddly clothes.

If you’re like me, I think of fleece, flannel, memory foam and all things soft and cushy. What are some of your favorite feel good fabrics to relax in? Check out this great article I found in the New York Times on books and candles. It delivers all the confirmation I need to set the stage.

You now have all the motivation to create your own scene for the ultimate day of relaxation. Here are a few of my favorite things to add to your relax-collection. National is always your perfect resource for ultimate comfort and style.

Fancy Knit Toasty Socks

Silky Plush Zip Robe
Carole Hochman

2-Pack Thermal Socks
Hot Feet

Happy Cuddling,


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