When the weather begins to cool, I find myself in search of new workout routines to enjoy during shorter days and frigid nights. During the early months of fall, I prefer power walking outside and soaking in as much of the perfect weather as possible.

Eventually, the leaves fall and a wet winter chill sets in. In preparation for the months ahead, I am sharing a few of my favorite indoor workouts to keep you focused on fitness throughout the season!

As with all workouts, follow your physician’s recommendations and inform group class instructors of any health issues or injuries. Workouts are¬†enjoyable¬† – so take care of yourself and choose what suits your body!

  1. Indoor Cycling: Indoor cycling offers a tremendous cardio workout and can be enjoyed all year long! It is often a fast paced, high intensity workout with fantastic music and great energy. Prepare with proper footwear and lots of water.
  2. Yoga: Yoga, both hot yoga and standard yoga, offer support in strengthening, balance, and flexibility. Keys to a beautiful practice – come as you are, with a great mat and bare feet!
  3. Kickboxing: A newfound love of mine is circuit training with a focus on kickboxing and core strengthening. For joint issues (like I have), consider a low impact version without bags and request stationary movements (like kicks in place!)
  4. Pilates: Pilates is a fantastic group workout option with a key focus on core strengthening, muscle elongation, and posture alignment. An ideal workout for individuals with chronic pain, pilates has become a key component of recovery for me after knee and back surgery!

What are some of your favorite indoor workouts? Share your tips with me in the comment section below.

Stay cool (and fit!),


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