I have many favorite memories from childhood – but one stands out among the rest. My grandfather adored his garden. He spent many a Saturday morning teaching me how to tend to various types of crops. While I cannot say I have his talent, I sure do cling to the memories we shared in that special place.

His green thumb seemed perfect – always aware of tricks and methods to grow the tallest roses, harvest the biggest tomatoes, and pick the best bunch of figs ever. I remember kneeling in the garden and painting fingernail polish on parts of the rose stems eaten by bugs and learning when to pick tomatoes at the right time. In honor of his love for gardening, I’m sharing a few recipes from southern classics. Around here, our go-to vegetables include okra, tomatoes (ok, arguably a fruit….but let’s go with it), corn, green beans, collards, and squash. Click on the images below for the full recipe!

What’s your favorite vegetable dish? Share the recipe in the comment section below.

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Pan-Roasted Corn and Okra

okra corn


Collards and Bacon

collards and bacon

Tomato Pie

tomatoe pie

Cheesy Squash Casserole


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