Week….wait, what week are we on of self-isolation? I’ve lost track, my friends. But one thing has come from this season of social distancing: nightly family walks–and I am loving every minute.


Our little girl is transitioning out of her stroller and into her very own tricycle (a big move my mama heart wasn’t quite ready to see). Somehow, my baby girl has sprung up into a vivacious and joy-filled 3 year old…I blinked, y’all. What happened? Just yesterday, we had to remove her “snack tray” from her tricycle (that currently has a handle for us to push her along), because her once little legs are now too big to fit beneath and still pedal. Truly, I feel like it was only yesterday her feet didn’t even reach the pedals.


All these walkabouts have me evaluating my “comfy shoes section” of the closet and realizing I need to spruce that up just a smidge before summer. The National® team has curated a wide variety of fantastic shoes, in particular, easy slip-ons, for any time of day. I have selected four options for you to peruse – the first two a bit more athletic in makeup and support, and the second two a bit more on the styled side.


Which pair do you like most?

Seasonal Windsors by

Gracee by
Easy Spirit®

Niche Slip On by Bzees®

Tilly Shoes by Beacon®

Enjoy the sunshine,


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