Yesterday evening, I had the privilege of visiting the High Point Country Club for its monthly Women’s After 5:00 event.  National presented a Fall inspired fashion show (more on that next week!) and connected with more than 40 women about all this season has in store. As I scanned the room to spot colors and patterns, I noticed a trend brighter than our mallard UltraSofts striped top! Spicing up the night and “fancifying” the event…stunning and bold lip colors!

Growing up, my grandmother was just full of wisdom (as she emphatically declared, of course). Her best piece of advice? A woman does not leave her home without “rouge and lipstick.” Feminine to the core with a spicy personality to boot, my grandmother proudly displayed her color packed lipsticks on a gold mirrored trey by her vanity. To her, they were not an afterthought or add on to her makeup. The perfect shade of Clinique’s Angel Red? Well that was the star of the show, of course!

In honor of my sweet Gaga, and her zeal for all-things-fashion, I’m sharing a few of my favorite fall colors for your gold mirrored trey! Choose between a traditional lipstick or a smidge more glam with my favorite gloss. And don’t forget – line those lips before you paint! That’s the key to all day wear, my friends (another of Gaga’s best tricks of the makeup trade!)  Colors of the season include:

Lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo, Stila Ruby Balm and Nars Heat Wave

Gloss: Laura Mercier Poppy, Chanel Party Red, and MAC Pink Dazzleglass


Click on the images for more details, and go get spicy!


ruby roo stila ruby red

chanel party redcherry dazzlelm poppy





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