As I write to you today, I’m enjoying the lightweight comfort of my favorite chambray top (a shirt I’ve purchased twice, so I can always have a clean one handy!) This fabric has been a staple in my closet as long as I can remember…even as a child! The consistency of its presence encouraged to research its origin, and today I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you!

Chambray’s origin dates back to the mid-1500s in Cambria, France. Its first threads came from cambric fabric, a plain weave and lightweight fabric originally made of linen. Chambray entered the fashion realm after the US navy adopted it as the uniform of choice in 1901. Today, it is most commonly made of cotton fibers in a woven pattern. You can often find it used in both men’s and women’s apparel for casual button down shirts or pants and skirts – easily worn all year long!

So how is this fabric different from denim? It is all in how it’s made! Chambray, unlike denim, is a woven and not a twill. It is a perfect 1×1 woven fabric structure, which gives it a lighter appearance and weight. Recent fashion trends have popularized chambray, and ShopNational has embraced the resurgence of the classic fabric! Head on over to ShopNational and type “chambray” in the search bar (or click here for my favorite shirt and shorts in this comfortable fabrication!)

Cheers to cotton,


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