When I reinjured my back a few weeks ago, I wasn’t sure how long the recovery process would be. I knew it would move along much more quickly if I committed to some form of movement every day. However, it was difficult to find an activity I could manage within the workouts I enjoy.

A dear friend reached out shortly after my injury and asked if I was interested in swinging by our neighborhood barre. No no – not your typical bar, my friends. This one involves stretchy pants, one-pound weights, and wooden beams reminiscent of the ballet classes of my childhood. A far cry from my Spin bike, barre classes involve tiny, almost miniscule movements with light (or no) weights and absolutely no impact. Each exercise focuses on tiring out a particular muscle group before moving on to the next. Within one hour, you’ve completed a full body workout and energized all major muscle groups.



A Typical (and full) class at Barre Evolution.


I visited a few barre classes before, but only sparingly. So for the month of April, I went all in. I registered for a new student unlimited pass and committed to three to four classes a week for four weeks. In between, I power walked and attended one or two Spin classes – very low intensity as I focused on full recovery. This past Saturday, I completed my four-week challenge. The end result? I have minimal to no pain in my lower back and have newfound stability and balance in my go-to activities. Once challenging and painful, paddle boarding, Spinning, power walking, and kickboxing are fun again!


One of Barre Evolution’s fantastic instructors, Jo, leading modified push-ups.

(Photo courtesy of Post & Courier)


As always, proper medical care and pain management are critical to a full recovery (ice and anti-inflammatory foods are my best friends!) In addition, consistent and steady movement will increase blood flow and supplement healing of injuries. Do you have an activity you love? Comment below and share the details! I’m always up for trying something new!

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